2. Shirataki Daimyojin

We regard Gyoja Mountain as a god. It is a place where mountain ascetics once trained. There are many sites related to these ascetics, such as the meditation spot of Kukai, an historical Buddhist monk, as well as a statue of the famous mystic En no Gyoja.

If today’s complex society is leaving you tired and in need of refreshment, we suggest a reconnection with nature through the waterfall here and a mountain walk.

We pray for tranquility in your hearts and the renewal of your spirit.

Takigyo Meditation (Waterfall Meditation) at Shirataki Daimyojin

The surrounding forest has long been the object of faith by locals, and people worshipped Shirataki Waterfall as a god. It is the only spot in the Ise-Shima Region where you can experience Takigyo meditation.

With good access to transportation, and equipped with restrooms, lockers, and hairdryers, both men and women can enjoy the experience with peace of mind.