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635-3 Funatsu-Cho, Toba City, Mie Prefecture, 517-0045, Japan
Tel: 090-3382-7079 (Mr. Matsumoto)

By Train

10 minutes on foot from Funatsu Station (Kintetsu Line).
Signs are posted.

Funatsu Station is 3 stops from Kintetsu Toba Station.
[Kintetsu Toba Station Timetable] [Kintetsu Funatsu Station Timetable]

To Toba Station:
1 hour 58 minutes by Kintetsu Limited Express from Osaka
1 hour 38 minutes by Kintetsu Limited Express from Nagoya
1 hour 46 minutes by Rapid Mie from JR Nagoya

By Car

If you are coming from Osaka or Nagoya, please use your car’s navigation system and set your destination as “Funatsu Nursery School”. There is a signboard about 150m beyond Funatsu Nursery School. Free parking available.