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your mind and body

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Wash away all bad thoughts and impurities by meditating under the Shirataki Daimyojin waterfall. After lightening your heart, warm up and relax in the forest sauna to soothe your mind and body.


  • ・Reservation is required. Please call the number written below.
  • ・Depending on rainfalls, river water levels or other unforeseen events, reservations may be canceled.
  • ・You may take pictures of yourself and members of your group but please refrain from taking pictures of other without prior consent.
  • ・Duration: 3 hours (from 9 A.M Or from 1 P.M).
  • ・Price: 6000 yen/person, groups up to 10 persons. Reservations are possible for single persons for an additional fee of 2000 yen.
  • ・The reservation includes firewood, lending of sandals and bath towels, lending of a sauna hat.
  • ・Bathing suit not provided.
  • ・Price includes guide fee. There is a 500 yen charge for the rental of meditation clothes.
  • ・In case you want a poncho to enter/exit the sauna, there is a charge of 500 yen for the rental.
  • ・Fundoshi (traditional loincloth) can be purchased for 800 yen and Hachimaki (a headband).
  • ・Meeting place: Shirataki-Daimyojin parking lot.